In Brazil, there are different types of Work Visas.
Be they permanent or temporary, each attending to different situations and different documentation has to be presented, as well as specific procedures to be followed.
That’s why this is so important to know the differences between them so that visa applications are met successfully.

Specializing in the legalization of foreigners who intend to work in Brazil, temporarily or permanently, the Lothus Visas available to its customers, individuals or entities, one full assistance to obtain the appropriate visa for each case, guiding and accompanying each step through personalized service.

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Below are the types of visas available in Brazil:

Visa with Employment Contract;
Work Visa for Technical Assistance and/or Technology Transfer;
Work Visa for Foreigners Aboard Foreign Vessels Destined for Tourism;
Visas for Foreign Crew of Fishing Vessels;
Visas for Foreign Workers Aboard a Foreign Vessel or Platform;
Work Visa for Executive Director, Manager or Administrator;
Visa for Professional Exchange;
Visa for Professional Training;
Visa for Teacher, Researcher or Scientist;
Visas for Foreign Investors (Company or Private Investors);
Visa for Retired Persons;
Visas for Sports Players.
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